Troy Adam Wiegand | 08.26.81 – 08.22.15

On August 22, 2015, one my best friends, Troy Wiegand, passed away at 33 years 74430035old. Troy and I met at Michigan State University (Go Green!) back in 2000 when I posted some flyers looking for a drummer for my band and he took all of them. We played together from 2000-2006 in our band, Roundabout Way. Troy and I moved to California together in later 2006 and never lost focus of our friendship. He continued to play drums on projects for me and we always talked about our future endeavors together.

Troy was one of the most dedicated friends I have or will ever know. He was also one of the most talented drummers and musicians I have ever had the honor to play with.

Rest In Peace, T-Bone. Love you and miss you always.

Here is the first album we did together, Roundabout Way Passer By…