Tinsel Korey’s Debut EP ‘Seize The Day’ Released August 30

UPDATE: You can purchase Tinsel’s Seize The Day EP on iTunes.

2012 started for me with a project I feel incredibly proud to have been a part of.

Tinsel Korey of the infamous “TWILIGHT” film franchise and I began work in January 2012. Over the next two months, Tinsel and I co-wrote five songs which I produced, engineered, played some guitar on and mixed at WAX LTD Studios in Hollywood, CA. This was a highly inspired time for both of us and I’ll never forget the experience Tinsel and I shared in the collaboration of her EP.

I remember both of us being greatly affected by the process of creation. She would spend days straight working on the perfect lyric and no matter how difficult it might seem, it would always find its way from pen to paper. I would sing ideas for the songs nonstop day and night, in and out of the studio, until I had come up with the perfect melody or hook.

The first time Tinsel sang through “I Surrender”, I understood her point of view as an artist, and was excited to help breathe new life into her music. I’ll never forget bringing the hook to Tinsel of “Love Me Let Me Go”. I randomly wrote it while walking down the street late one evening. A week later, I found myself uncontrollably singing the chorus of the title track “Seize The Day” into my phone as I drove to the studio before one of our sessions when all we had was the first verse and a chorus music bed. Tinsel wanted to try and write something upbeat and happy, but when nothing of that sort came to life, I introduced a darker guitar part I had written years before. Tinsel suddenly began singing over it and sifting through her archive of lyrics, stumbling upon what would become the second track on her EP, “Break Of Dawn”. When I presented these ideas to Tinsel, she recognized instantly that they were something special. We challenged each other and brought our ideas together throughout the creation of the EP; it’s safe to say that is clearly reflected in the final results. For these two months, we worked tirelessly, determined to make the very best and most genuine music possible. As Tinsel states on her website, the music created by us truly was a ‘labor of love’.

Once we had the songs, we still needed to take the rough sketches and turn them into beautiful recordings. I can’t express enough gratitude to the musicians who helped make this possible. Adam Linden (Drums/Percussion), Nathan Beale (Bass/Guitar), Jeffrey Michael (Piano/Strings), Shea Chambers (Backup Vocals) are all so incredibly talented and were crucial to the success of the recordings. Also, along with myself, all of the musicians are from the Detroit, MI area and brought their own personal MoTown spin to the album.

I’m very happy to say that Tinsel’s EP “Seize The Day” is  being released on August 30, 2012. Tinsel and I made a great team in writing and developing these songs and we can’t wait for the world to hear our work.



Please check out teasers of “Love Me Let Me Go” and “Seize The Day” below.

Love Me Let Me Go TEASER

Seize The Day TEASER




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