Cirque Du Soleil’s MOVI KANTI REVO | A Google Chrome Experiment

In early September 2012, My good friend and colleague, highly regarded composer Jeffrey Michael and I embarked on one of the most unique musical journeys I may ever go on. We were offered a unique opportunity to compose, mix and create sound design on a Chrome Sensory Project for Cirque Du Soleil. This project was a partnership between both Google and Cirque Du Soleil and it was for a totally new interactive web conception. As stated on the Movi Kanti Revo site…

“Movi.Kanti.Revo is a sensory Chrome Experiment uniquely crafted by Cirque du Soleil that explores a new way for people to journey in a digital world using tones and gestures.

Movi.Kanti.Revo comes from the Esperanto words for Moving, Singing and Dreaming. It is indeed by gesturing and making sounds that users navigate a beautifully surreal world, follow a mysterious character in her adventure, enjoy surprising Cirque du Soleil performances and live an emotional journey made of love, doubts, hope and dreams.”

I feel like it would be impossible to put into words the amount of energy and dedication it took for Jeff and I, not to mention everyone else involved to pull off this bizarre and well-acclaimed experience, but it was all worth it in the end and we’re proud of the work we did.

Please check out Movi Kanti Revo for yourself at WWW.MOVIKANTIREVO.COM.