Introducing Ryan Sallis and “Confidence”

In mid-2014 I began writing with and producing new music for up-and-coming singer/songwriter Ryan Sallis. I went out to see an acoustic performance of Ryan’s before we ever started to get into any music and his bold on-stage persona jumped right off the stage…I knew at that moment I had to work with him.

Ryan’s first single “Confidence” off of his upcoming ‘Muddy Love’ EP features Ryan on Vocals and Acoustic Guitar, Brian Blake on Bass, Steve Poloni on Electric Guitar, Kiel Fehr on Drums, Yancey Wells on Sax, Norbert Miguel on Trumpet, Eric Jorgenson on Fiddle, Haley Deakers and James Kenney on backup vocals.

Please check out the video for Ryan’s first single “Confidence” below and you can also purchase “Confidence” on iTunes.

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