About Me


Brian Blake has set out to make music matter in a time when the art of songwriting has taken a backseat to the craft of commercialism. Through dangerously catchy hooks, universally relatable lyrics and carefully constructed musical productions, Brian has begun to separate himself from the watered down sounds of today…desperate to help define the future of pop music.

Growing up near Detroit, Michigan, music rang steadily through Brian Blake’s ears as he began his addiction to music as a young child, picking up his first instrument at 10 and never looking back. Brian started playing with other musicians in bands at 14, eventually leading to the group Roundabout Way. Brian wrote the songs, stroked the guitar, and sung the backup vocals in his band from 2000 through late 2005. During this time, Brian attended and graduated from Michigan State University with a BA in Telecommunications focused on Audio Industry Management and Production. Although the band wasn’t able to stick together, Brian’s fire to write songs professionally only grew more intense.

January 2006 came with Brian fully committing his time to honing his skills as a songwriter/producer. The plan was simple and perfect; finish enough songs to build the foundation of a personal songwriting catalog and move to Los Angeles, pop music capital of the world. Brian stepped foot in California with a mission to make music matter on September 1, 2006.

Since the journey to Los Angeles, Brian has received his certificate in the highly touted Music Business program at UCLA Extension. He has written and licensed hundreds of songs for TV, Film and a growing number of talented up-and-coming artists.

Brian has come a long way toward changing the scope of pop music. Influences from The Beatles, Van Morrison, Nick Drake and anything Motown to Third Eye Blind, Cake and Kanye West have led Brian to this moment in time, where he intends to change the music industry for the best, one song at a time.

In the end, what matters to Brian Blake is making music matter.