The Ellen Show | Me Me Monday!!!!!

Every Monday on The Ellen Show you can hear the beautiful Haley D singing a jingle that I wrote and produced for the segment, “Me Me Monday” (Scroll 40 seconds in to hear the jingle)!

Ryan Sallis | Hotline Bling Scattered Remix (Drake)

Ryan Sallis

While Ryan Sallis and I have been working away on his original EP set to release this coming Spring of 2016, we’ve also recorded a few cover songs for fun.

Here’s Hotline Bling Scattered (Drake) produced by myself and Ryan, recorded at Roundabout Way Studios.






Troy Adam Wiegand | 08.26.81 – 08.22.15

On August 22, 2015, one my best friends, Troy Wiegand, passed away at 33 years 74430035old. Troy and I met at Michigan State University (Go Green!) back in 2000 when I posted some flyers looking for a drummer for my band and he took all of them. We played together from 2000-2006 in our band, Roundabout Way. Troy and I moved to California together in later 2006 and never lost focus of our friendship. He continued to play drums on projects for me and we always talked about our future endeavors together.

Troy was one of the most dedicated friends I have or will ever know. He was also one of the most talented drummers and musicians I have ever had the honor to play with.

Rest In Peace, T-Bone. Love you and miss you always.

Here is the first album we did together, Roundabout Way Passer By…

Diana Meyer | ‘Pink Sunglasses’ | 400,000 VIEWS & COUNTING!

Cutest Lesbian Couple Ever (Diana & Jessica) Kissing Through California

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Introducing Ryan Sallis and “Confidence”

Ryan Sallis | Confidence

In mid-2014 I began writing with and producing new music for up-and-coming singer/songwriter Ryan Sallis. I went out to see an acoustic performance of Ryan’s before we ever started to get into any music and his bold on-stage persona jumped right off the stage…I knew at that moment I had to work with him.

Ryan’s first single “Confidence” off of his upcoming ‘Muddy Love’ EP features Ryan on Vocals and Acoustic Guitar, Brian Blake on Bass, Steve Poloni on Electric Guitar, Kiel Fehr on Drums, Yancey Wells on Sax, Norbert Miguel on Trumpet, Eric Jorgenson on Fiddle, Haley Deakers and James Kenney on backup vocals.

Please check out the video for Ryan’s first single “Confidence” below and you can also purchase “Confidence” on iTunes.

For a fresh review, here’s Howl and Echo’s great take on the video for “Confidence”…

Howl and Echo Review


Make Way for Anjelia Pelay and her debut Country single, “Kiss My Ass”


I met the multi-talented Anjelia Pelay one night when she was performing in North Hollywood, Summer of 2013. After a few months, we connected again and decided to try writing a song together. Here we are in early 2015 and we have finished Anjelia’s debut Country EP, featuring seven songs which we slaved over in the writing process and I worked equally as hard in the production phase.

The upcoming album, “The Heart Decides”, features Anjelia on piano, Ben Feltner on Bass, Steve Poloni on Electric Guitar, Brian Blake on Acoustic Guitar, Brian Bailey on Drums, Haley Deakers on backup Vocals plus a platoon of Anjelia, Ben Feltner and Brian Blake on Banjo, Mandolin, Auto-Harp. The album also features special guests Jon Chi (Nashville Acoustic and Tremolo Guitar) and Marc Muller (Pedal Steel Guitar).

Anjelia’s first single, “Kiss My Ass” is now available on iTunes.

Positive reviews have been coming in already and Anjelia will be playing shows soon!

Caesar Live N’ Loud

Country Music Minute

The Daily Country

One Stop Country

Before you buy, you can check out “Kiss My Ass” here!

Diana Meyer “Cradle”

Check out Diana Meyer’s beautiful new video for “Cradle”, filmed, edited and produced by Diana!

Song written by Diana Meyer and Brian Blake, Produced by Brian Blake.

You can purchase “Cradle” HERE.



Hotel Cafe Showcase II


On November 11, 2014 I put together a second artist showcase at The Hotel Cafe after the first showcase back in February 2014 was a huge success.

This showcase featured a couple of previous artists in Anjelia Pelay and Diana Meyer as well as a more recent artist I’ve been producing, Ryan Sallis plus a very special guest performance by Haley Deakers and even a performance by yours truly.

On top of it being an excellent musical night, there was an extra special surprise at the end when I got to live a lifelong dream of proposing to the woman I love, Haley Deakers, on stage at the end of the night.

Overall, this was one of the best moments of my life and I’m beyond happy that I was able to share it with so many people that I love.




DEADBEAT on Hulu Plus | Music Producer and Co-Writer

From Late December 2013 to Late March 2014, I spent each and every day producing and co-writing the music with James Iha (Smashing Pumpkins, A Perfect Circle) for ‘Deadbeat’, a new Internet TV Series premiering exclusively on Hulu Plus April 9, 2014.

This was undoubtedly one of the most challenging projects I have ever taken on and what I’ve taken away from the experience has been incredible. For starters, this was the first TV show that I worked on from beginning to end, writing to a specific narrative and production. Add to this the fact that all 10 episodes were to air on the same date made the project that much more intense and exciting. Finally, creating music that in no way had a formal song structure, but did require a very specific fully tested me.

Working with an extremely talented and seasoned songwriter in James Iha was a blessing and he truly helped me grow so much. Together we worked tirelessly to create a unique sound custom to the characters and story lines of ‘Deadbeat’

I’m forever grateful for this opportunity and I’m looking forward to working more within the TV/Film medium in the future.

As for the show, ‘Deadbeat’ is currently airing on HULU PLUS and limited viewing is available for free on Hulu.

You can also hear the theme song for ‘Deadbeat’ below.


Hotel Cafe Artist Showcase | February 25, 2014


Performing at the prestigious Hotel Cafe is always a special time for every artist, so having three of the artists I have produced and written with over the past couple of years all perform on the same evening on February 25 was extraordinary. The artists, Anahita Skye, Diana Meyer and Anjelia Pelay all have different styles, but all came together to make for a amazing night of music and friends.

Currently, Anahita Skye is in the process of releasing the EP we worked on together and her first single can be purchased on iTunes or you can check it out on SoundCloud.

Diana Meyer and I are currently working on a second EP and on New Year’s Eve 2014, she released her newest song appropriately titled “New Year’s Eve” which you can check out the ultra entertaining video on YouTube. Also, if you haven’t seen Diana’s most recent videos, I encourage you to visit her YouTube page!

Finally, Anjelia Pelay and I have been hard at work on a six song country-blues EP slated to release this summer. Anjelia is a gifted vocalist, pianist and performer who is on her way to a special country music career.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the show and pay attention to these talented ladies!