DEADBEAT on Hulu Plus | Music Producer and Co-Writer

From Late December 2013 to Late March 2014, I spent each and every day producing and co-writing the music with James Iha (Smashing Pumpkins, A Perfect Circle) for ‘Deadbeat’, a new Internet TV Series premiering exclusively on Hulu Plus April 9, 2014.

This was undoubtedly one of the most challenging projects I have ever taken on and what I’ve taken away from the experience has been incredible. For starters, this was the first TV show that I worked on from beginning to end, writing to a specific narrative and production. Add to this the fact that all 10 episodes were to air on the same date made the project that much more intense and exciting. Finally, creating music that in no way had a formal song structure, but did require a very specific fully tested me.

Working with an extremely talented and seasoned songwriter in James Iha was a blessing and he truly helped me grow so much. Together we worked tirelessly to create a unique sound custom to the characters and story lines of ‘Deadbeat’

I’m forever grateful for this opportunity and I’m looking forward to working more within the TV/Film medium in the future.

As for the show, ‘Deadbeat’ is currently airing on HULU PLUS and limited viewing is available for free on Hulu.

You can also hear the theme song for ‘Deadbeat’ below.