Make Way for Anjelia Pelay and her debut Country single, “Kiss My Ass”

I met the multi-talented Anjelia Pelay one night when she was performing in North Hollywood, Summer of 2013. After a few months, we connected again and decided to try writing a song together. Here we are in early 2015 and we have finished Anjelia’s debut Country EP, featuring seven songs which we slaved over in the writing process and I worked equally as hard in the production phase.

The upcoming album, “The Heart Decides”, features Anjelia on piano, Ben Feltner on Bass, Steve Poloni on Electric Guitar, Brian Blake on Acoustic Guitar, Brian Bailey on Drums, Haley Deakers on backup Vocals plus a platoon of Anjelia, Ben Feltner and Brian Blake on Banjo, Mandolin, Auto-Harp. The album also features special guests Jon Chi (Nashville Acoustic and Tremolo Guitar) and Marc Muller (Pedal Steel Guitar).

Anjelia’s first single, “Kiss My Ass” is now available on iTunes.

Positive reviews have been coming in already and Anjelia will be playing shows soon!

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Before you buy, you can check out “Kiss My Ass” here!